Alexandre Garese
Head of «Garez & Partners» law office, founder of «Wolkonsky» bakery chain, member of Moscow and Paris Bars, investor (catering, digital media, energy)
Alexandre Garese
Lawyer, investor, businessman
Place of birth: France

In 1995 founded a law office in Moscow now known under the brand «Garez & Partners».

In 2005 set up a chain of bakery-cafes «Wolkonsky», which currently has 60 bakeries.

Since 2014
has been developing the project expertise of his companies and investing in restaurant and digital media business projects.

Alexandre Garese was born in France in 1968. In 1991 he obtained a master's degree in business and international law at Sorbonne University, a year later he took alternative service at the French Embassy in Moscow, where he worked at the visa department while studying Russian.

In 1993 he completed a further education course and got a DEA ( Diplôme d'études approfondies) in international law at the Pantheon-Assas University in Paris and a DESS in international business law at Nanterre-la-Défense.

That same year, Alexandre married Stephanie Sicard. Currently they have six children together.
In 1995 Alexandre established «Seeberg, Stabreit, and Garese» law office in Moscow. On behalf of his prominent clients, Alexandre Garese participated in the structuration of energy companies, as well as the privatization of certain deals in the Ukraine in the 2000s.

Moreover, Mr. Garese was a member of the Board of Directors of the Russian CSKA football club.

In 2000 Alexandre joined the International Commercial Arbitration Court as an arbitrator.
In 2005 the power-couple initiated «Wolkonsky» bakery café chain. Currently the chain has more than 60 bakeries in Russia and the Ukraine. In 2007 Alexandre published a reference book with Gil Feiler "Investing in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Kazakhstan».

In 2010 Alexandre became a member of the Moscow Regional Bar Association.

In 2014 Alexandre became a member of the Paris Regional Bar Association.

From 2014 onwards, Mr. Garese has been actively developing project expertise of his company, while investing in projects such as «Kuznya Restaurant and Club» in Saint-Petersburg, along with «Kelia» private elite business club, yoga center, and «Cooker's» gourmet healthy food café in Moscow.

Recently, Alexandre started investing in the field of energy, considering his experience gained in the 2000s and a long-term vision for the energy transition.
The businessman takes an active part in the activities of the Young President Organisation, an international organization providing business contacts and career growth for young international business leaders.

In addition he collects artwork. There are more than a thousand works of the famous Soviet caricaturists team «Kukryniksy» in his collection. He also practices yoga and horse polo. Apart from native French, he speaks fluent English, German, and Russian.

The «Wolkonsky» bakery chain has been operating in Russia and Ukraine since 2005. The chain has over 60 locations, owns production facilities and employs over 1000 people in Moscow, Kiev, Saint-Petersburg, Voronezh and Nizhniy Novgorod.

«Kuznya» project was launched in 2016 in Saint-Petersburg in the disctrict of «New Holland Island». It's the island's central building containing a restaurant, deli, café, night-club, as well as a big summer food-court.

«Kelia» is an elite private business club which was opened in 2015 in Moscow. It allows businessmen to conduct private meetings, use a personalized concierge service, hold events, as well as chill out in the clubs restaurant and cigar room.